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Dimollaure Jasmine Essential Oil 10ml

Dimollaure Jasmine Essential Oil 10ml

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Dimollaure Pure Jasmine Essential Oil 10ml

Jasmine has a sweet smelling aroma and is renowned for its healing properties.

Extraction & Uses

The process of extracting oil from Jasmine is a lengthy one and different to other essential oil extractions, which are essentially steam distilled. With Jasmine, the extraction effectively results in a solid substance rather than an oil, which then must go through an extensive process which results in the oil we know today. Hence, the process is time consuming and results in a very small quantity of oil, giving reason as to why Jasmine essntial oil is so expensive.

Jasmine essential oil can be used in bathing or in a vaporizer, or can be blended with other lotions or oils to make a massage oil. It has been known to ease depression as well as enhancing libido. It is suitable for respiratory problems as well as easing tension and stress.

Caution: Pregnant women should avoid Jasmine.